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Apple to Launch 7-8″ Foldable Phones in 2026 and 2027 to Succeed iPad Mini

People in the industry of Korea have just recently predicted that Apple would launch its first folding Smartphone around 2026 and 2027.

The device may replace up the spot of the smaller version of the iPad in Apple’s collection as it is expected to come with an internal display that is about 7–8 inches in size. In spite of all the fascination, the device’s specific features and specifications still need to be designed.

It’s also important to keep in consideration that Apple is apparently developing a future iPad mini with a display made from OLED, that rises an inquiry regarding what will come to the gadget in the unlikely event that a foldable version is truly in development. In this regard, there have been reports that Apple intends to introduce displays made from OLED within their iPad Pro series in the coming year. The new iPad mini with OLED display is believed to be launched next year.

Samsung Display and LG Display are reported that they have sent Apple test foldable screen panels, with sizes that range from 6 to 7 inches. With a possible foldable tablet the time of release, Apple looks to be going for a bigger display size.

Since Samsung Display has an extensive record of manufacturing folding screens for Samsung Electronics, it is probable that if Apple goes forward on its folding device project, it will likely be the first company chosen for ordering panels. If Apple adopts a two-supplier plan of action, LG Display will be expected to start manufacturing foldable displays in big numbers for Apple about a year once Samsung sets the schedule.

Approximately in 2028, Apple is expected to unveil a folding tablet sized 20.25 inches that may be marketed through the iPad as well as Mac brands. This dimension refers to the internal folding screen’s size.

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