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Apple Worker Jailed For 4 Months Due to Leaking Company Secrets

The California court of appeals decided the case involving previous Apple employee Xiaolang Zhang after an extended legal battle. Zhang has been compelled to pay $146,984 in losses and was charged with up to a period of four months in imprisonment, in addition to a total of three years of supervision.

The FBI and Apple jointly launched an inquiry into claims of theft of trade secrets in the year 2018, which signaled the beginning of this legal protection drama. Zhang was discovered to have unlawfully obtained sensitive business information about Project Titan, Apple’s codename for its future intelligent electric vehicle (EV) project.

The ex-employee established a fresh start with XMotors, a Chinese business which specialized in autonomous car technologies, after leaving the United States & moving to China. This was when Apple became initially suspicious of Mr. Zhang’s deceptive actions and decided implementing action.

Zhang’s network connections at Apple plus his consumption of Apple goods produced substantial proof detailing his hidden actions. It was apparent he was an engineer engaged in multiple tasks according to Project Titan.

Zhang working at Apple while working on a number of projects, involving designing and testing circuit boards which could interpret information from sensors. As the investigation developed, it was made obvious that Zhang had stolen other data from Apple’s files without permission, such as a 25-page dossier containing engineering specifications of a circuit board intended for autonomous vehicles.

While at first rejecting the charges filed against him during 2018, Zhang subsequently altered his plea and entered a guilty assessment in August 2022.

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