Dr. Shagufta Jabeen Honored with Prestigious Award for Women and Youth Entrepreneurship Innovation

The Islamabad Association of Commerce recently honored Dr. Shagufta Jabeen for her excellent dedication to empowering women and youth through innovative efforts as well as her outstanding contributions to invention in business.

On Monday, January 31, the President of Pakistan attended the event as the main guest, showing the meaning of the achievement, and the prize was handed out.

While receiving this award,Dr. Jabeen, who is known for her groundbreaking efforts in social enterprise, expressing her heartfelt gratitude and sincerity.Dr. Jabeen said, “This award is not only for me also for all the wonderful individuals who became involved to this path.” She praised the public’s warm welcome of her efforts and her team’s continuous dedication to her success.

The prize rewards Dr. Jabeen’s devotion to 3 major projects which have made an important impact in their particular areas:

An innovative program which highlighted the essential part that moms play throughout the emotional and mental growth of young children focused on teaching mothers strategies for parenting. The concept that educated and well-informed parenthood has the potential to affect lives is strengthened by this research.

WELSA intends to put rural women as the financial foundation of society by promoting ancestral skills such as farming, weaving, and embroidery. The program’s upgrading of traditional arts and crafts ensures rural women’s sustainable means of earnings while protecting the cultural inheritance.

The youth are urged to develop an awareness of their personal accountability to society by this unique program. YES creates the basis for an active and committed next generation through empowering young people to positively affect society with a carefully planned program of actions.

Dr. Jabeen is truly dedicated to utilizing entrepreneurship as an avenue for change in society, as seen by her efforts on such initiatives. The work she does provides a prime example of how planned, targeted efforts can enhance societies by creating a setting that is favorable to positive outcomes of women and young people.

As Dr. Jabeen, who continues to motivate and providing a standard, that Islamabad Chamber of Commerce’s acknowledgment of her achievements represents a ray of inspiration and proof of the capacity of creativity to have an important impact on society.

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