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Google’s ‘Circle to Search’ Feature Will Stay Limited to Samsung and Pixel Until the End of 2024

At the release of the Galaxy S24 series, which consists of the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra, Samsung showed off a number of new artificial intelligence (AI) functions. Each of these updates is the “Circle to Search” function, which was designed together with Google. Just one day after Samsung’s declaration, Google announced the update for its Pixel 8 along with Pixel 8 Pro mobile devices, and the company is now actively handing it out.

Samsung announced a few updates that can be disappointing to those who believed that “Circle to Search” could find its way on Android phones from various other companies. The feature will only be accessible for Samsung and Google phones till the beginning of October, based on the company, which sets an end on expectations for it being accessible to everyone in the near future.

Samsung gave the following details about the availability of the feature:

If there are certainly not yet any plans to continue doing so, Circle to Search could become accessible on Android-based mobile devices from different manufacturers starting on the 5th of October 2024.

Some concern has been voiced over the option of restricting the “Circle to Search” feature only available on Samsung and Google devices, presenting a noteworthy example of unnecessary restrictions. A single questions if Google and Samsung rely just on this feature to increase selling of the S24 & Pixel 8 or whether there are further important factors at play in this choice. It is still unclear why such restriction is necessary if this is not the case.

The Android system has always been accessible, and its simplicity was often praised in contrast to Apple’s specialized system. The present approach marks an important development from it. In order to move toward a more tightly controlled setting, it seems that the Android market is starting to observe an expansion of their personal boundaries.

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