Here’s When ECP Will Announce Complete Election Results

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) will release the preliminary findings for all 859 seats in both the National and Provincial Assemblies on Friday, February 9.

A spokesman for the ECP informed APP that all the required preparations have been put in place for tomorrow’s worldwide open, equitable, and fair primary elections.

Also, all constituencies’ 260 million ballot have been made and finalized. The spokesperson said that ballots for the National Assembly are created on green paper; even with ballots for the Provincial Assembly are imprinted using white paper.

Through a few variations, all the counties in the whole country have gotten their printed ballots. On the 14th of January the manufacturing process begun, and on February 3, the work was finished.

The representative continued on to clarify that the voting materials across 11 National Assembly & five Provincial Assembly districts were reprinted in keeping with an order from the Supreme Court. The court issued an order that all original documents be destroyed.

He noted that 260 million ballots were made available this time all around. It indicates that there actually were 54.74% more candidates than those who participated in previous round of elections.

The quantity of special paper needed went up by 195%, yet effective methods of management contributed to a decline between 2,400 tonnes from 2,177 tons. Five percent of printed ballots are now single-column, 50 percent are double-column, 30 percent are three-column, 11.15 percent are four-column, and the remaining two percent are five-column.

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