Karachi University Postpones Exams Due to General Elections

In accordance to an official statement published on Friday, Karachi University made the decision to delay the exams that were originally scheduled for February 6.

The person in charge added that the coming general elections led to the postponement of Karachi University’s exams planned for February 6.

Furthermore, he confirmed that there actually have been no modifications made to the testing sites or times, and that the examinations would ultimately again be conducted on February 14 exactly as planned.

It has also been decided to postpone the University Senate meeting, which was originally scheduled for February 6. We will issue a statement later on the revised date of the event.

It is impossible to neglect the reality that the province’s schools will be closed from February 6 to 9 because of the next national general elections.

Every educational institution in Sindh, especially public and private ones, is scheduled to be closed during this time as per the guidelines of the department of educational affairs.


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