PSL 2024 Unleashes Watch & Earn Magic on myco – Tune in for Rewards Now!

What Is Currently Popular These Days?

Putting the sport of cricket viewing on over its head, the myco, a worldwide blockchain video streamer, surprisingly obtains the streaming rights to digitally stream for HBL PSL Seasons 9 along with 10! Be ready for superior-quality cricket craziness in addition to a model nicknamed “Watch & Earn” which converts fans into millionaires.You can now actually bank on experiencing something new due to your perfect partnership with Simpaisa.

Reward Transfers Simpaisa

The “Watch & Earn” system is improved by connecting through Simpaisa, myco’s payment partner. Customers may easily take their profits and transfer it directly using over 35 bank accounts in addition to all the popular online wallets in Pakistan. This makes it easier and simpler the complete satisfying process.

Impact of Myco on Cricket International Streaming

Myco’s rising path in success began to accelerate in 2023 as it became a top choice for cricket fans at the World Cup. Myco delivered more than twenty million PKR amount of commercial revenue to a total of 250,000 extremely active users whereas rising at the top of both the app and play stores.

Myco is still broadcasting the SPL, SAT20, ILT20, and various other cricket contests in Pakistan across the world. It has an extensive history of collaborating with major worldwide racing, squash, and tennis events including organizations such as the PCB, the English Premier League, and the Emirates Cricket Board.

A Worldwide Network with a Particular Purpose

A combination of an active user base of over 6.5 million registered customers or an international reach encompassing 204 nations, myco offers live sporting events in addition to an extensive catalog of more than 500,000 content items, featuring documentaries, films, and a range of producer and influencer connections.

Co-Founder and COO of myco, Somair Rizvi, disclosed his pride by claiming, “We are committed to offering our Pakistani fans with a variety of top sporting activities and multimedia collections.” It shows our dedication to offer our viewers with excellent enjoyment along with provide people an extended economic and artistic interest in the media sector.

It’s necessary to keep in mind that, while being a global streaming site, myco is operated by dedicated Pakistanis who desire to use its popularity to the favor of local creators and viewers. Myco hopes to be a beneficial factor in Pakistan’s IT along with economic sector under these difficult economic times by inviting in funding and creating possibilities for the development of the nation.

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