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PTA Forms Committee to Study WiFi-6E Co-Existence

The creation of a committee to examine Wi-Fi 6E co-existence by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA ),is an important step toward the development of modern advancements in the field of wireless networking.

The choice to make use of the 6 GHz wireless spectrum for better connectivity to the internet serves as a response towards the developing worldwide movement regarding this usage.

The PTA report offers a number of benefits associated with Wi-Fi 6E, referred to as an improved variant of Wi-Fi 6 (IEEE standard 802.11ax), including extended range, reduced latency, additional channels, wider frequency bands, less interference, higher throughput, and more capacity. A detailed study titled “Considering Wi-Fi 6E Bands for Usage in Pakistan” was recently carried out by the PTA in recognizing the possibility of Wi-Fi 6E to completely transform the availability of the internet.

This study examined a wide range of factors, including the criteria for adoption, acceptance by international regulatory agencies, Pakistan’s present usage, and international standards. The PTA established an environment for testing in order to assist in the review procedure by collaborating with participants like Pakistan Space & Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO), Frequency Allocation Board (FAB), and Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoITT).

The easy integration of cutting-edge technology into Pakistan’s telecoms environment is extremely dedicated, said by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

The PTA undertakes an effort to reach well-informed choices by closely monitoring global developments and doing extensive studies. All of these decisions are meant to improve interactions with consumers and bring Pakistan into the center of digital development.

Wi-Fi 6E provides numerous potential benefits, however prior to adopting it, it’s important to address any problems with spectrum management, interference decrease, and fulfilling regulations.

Coordination, especially careful planning, and honor of international standards will be required for permitting Wi-Fi 6E and modern wireless technologies to operate together.

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