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PTA Planning to Allocate 6 GHz Band for Unlicensed Use to Bring WiFi 7 to Pakistan

Ample bandwidth will be made accessible to support the upcoming versions of Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi 6E, and the possibly authorized 6 GHz range for license-exempt operation.

The currently available spectrum bands for Wi-Fi are often packed, which reduces the efficiency of service, according to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

For Wi-Fi 6E, the license-exempt 6 GHz frequency offers lots of ability and better channels. The release of the most current Wi-Fi standard is needed for the most effective wireless connection because of its use by major companies and the growth of new concepts such as Metaverse. Because of its capability to cope with data-intensive needs, Wi-Fi 6E is required for apps that use the cloud and services that stream content.

The PTA will implement strong steps to ensure the future of Wi-Fi technology in Pakistan is consistent with global patterns, acknowledging the value of Wi-Fi in the infrastructure of telecommunications. Perhaps it’s possible that the upcoming major shifts will be able to establish the six-GHz band for use with no licensing. The upgraded Wi-Fi 6E and afterward Wi-Fi 7 versions will be provided with lots of capacity due to this modification.

Faster bandwidth channels which are apparent and free of duplication are guaranteed. PTA wishes Pakistan to be keeping pace with progress in communications technology globally. The commercial launch of Wi-Fi 6E-capable goods, including routers, laptops, wireless access points, and more, will additionally be carefully monitored by PTA. Selecting the best frequency range with associated features throughout the 6 GHz range necessitates doing this essential step. The combination of various services sharing the 6 GHz range was examined in the field.

Future Wi-Fi technologies, including Wi-Fi 7, are additionally being explored by PTA. The quickly evolving digital landscape will rely on these advances, which ought to offer considerably greater internet access, shorter delays, and functionality for a growing range of related products.

With the goal to allow Pakistan’s citizens and companies to take full advantage of innovative wireless connections in the decades to come, these proactive steps are aimed to set up Pakistan as the global leader in wireless networking.

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