The government declares the 5th of February, Kashmir Solidarity Day, a public holiday.

The Pakistani government presented a universal moment of silence at 10 am on Friday, February 5th, and announced the day a national holiday in unity with the citizens of the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

The honor of Kashmir Solidarity Day acts as an intense reminder of the continuous battle for the divided region’s freedom.

In an official holiday statement, the Cabinet Division underlined Pakistan’s unrestricted dedication to the United Nations Charter’s rights of self-determination and independence for the population of Kashmir. Among the billions of Pakistanis who are connected by traditional, culturally, and familial connections to the people who live in Kashmir, the day in history carries an important place.

Notice is currently sent out announcing that February 5th is “Kashmir Solidarity Day” which means all authority and private organizations will remain closed on that day, with a few of those offering important services. A statement was published announcing that on February 5, at about 10 am, a minute of silence is scheduled to be conducted to pay respect to their sacrifices and to express moral and emotional support in their struggle for freedom.

Annually on the fifth of February, people celebrated Kashmir Solidarity Day that provides an event to support people in the Kashmir Valley who continue to fight for freedom and justice. It shows how dedicated Pakistan is to helping the people of Kashmir in their battle for their legal rights.

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