These are the Most Bizarre Symbols in General Elections 2024

Besides just political falsehoods, the elections that are scheduled on February 8 are receiving more interest. The decision taken by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to distribute to candidates odd symbols such as a bowl, shoe, harmonium, chimta, hen, bottle, and pomegranate led to criticism.


Ejaz Gaddan expressed his disappointment with the bed that became his assigned symbol. He is a Bahawalpur candidate.

Gaddan is currently considering the bed symbol—which he previously considered as a symbol of relaxation and closure—as an insult from the governing body.

He said “This is inhumanity, not an election.” Each household already has the ability to see my symbol. It is not required of me to bring it to my own electorate.


An eggplant, or “baingan,” is a symbol worn by Aamir Mughal, who is supported by imprisoned Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan, to motivate supporters. Mughal said that his rule was to blame for the price hike for eggplant.

“I am going to become extremely well-known as a result of this symbol,” the Mughal claimed to the media. He kept going, “Every person gets attracted to it because people are conscious that the sign relates to Imran Khan’s nomination.”


The bottle symbol offended Kohat-based previous minister Shehryar Afridi. It is easy for people to see this symbol as symbolizing drinking or even vacancy in Pashtun culture.

He said that a bottle represents medicines and alcohol. “We want to cure all social diseases; this is why we have changed our political sign into a medicine bottle.”

Unusual symbol tasks given to competitors involve: 

  • Salman Akram Raja from NA-128 carrying a “racquet”
  • For NA-122, Latif Khosa chose the English letter “K.”
  • Mehr Bano Qureshi using a set of tongs, or “chimta,” for NA-151
  • Shoaib Shaheen issued a ‘shoe’ for NA-46
  • Attorney Gohar Ali Khan in NA-10 Buner carrying a “kettle”; Shandana Gulzar in NA-30 Peshawar received a “piyala” (bowl); and Jamshed Dasti handed a “harmonium” for NA-175

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